SFPD Central Station Captain’s Message 06/2/16

Captain’s Message

Thank you Chief Suhr!

On behalf of all of the officers assigned to Central Station, I would like to thank Chief Suhr for his leadership and for his 34 years of service in the Department. I first met Chief Suhr when he was a Sergeant and came to my academy class 24 years ago to make a presentation regarding narcotics. At the time, he was assigned to the Narcotics Detail. A couple of years later, Chief Suhr was a newly promoted Lieutenant and I was fortunate to work for him for two years as an officer assigned to Mission Station. Years later, when I was a Lieutenant in 2004, he asked me to work for him in the Operations Bureau. He was then the Deputy Chief of Operations and asked me to develop the Operation Outreach Program as the Department’s liaison with the City on all homeless issues. To this day, we still have officers assigned to address homelessness and outreach. When Chief Suhr was made Chief in 2011, I was assigned to the Urban Area Security Initiative handling Homeland Security Grant Funding and planning for America’s Cup. Later, I was transferred to the Police Academy and then to this incredible assignment at Central Station.

I am personally grateful for his mentorship over all the years and I wish him the very best in retirement. Please see the attached website link congratulating him on all his years of service to the City and County of San Francisco.

We look forward to working with Chief Chaplin who I have known most of my career. He has been outstanding in all of his assignments. Chief Chaplin comes to the job with a lot of credibility from the officers and the community. As an organization, we will continue to move forward!

Market Street Corridor Deployment

Beginning Saturday, Officer Tom Cunnane will be assigned to the Market Street corridor. This is a new assignment and he will be responsible for high visible patrol from Stuart to 3rd Street, addressing crime, quality of life, providing resources to the homeless and making sure we are visible to address problems. Officer Cunnane has been assigned to the Union Square area for the last 10 years and his experience is invaluable. This is a great win for Market Street!

Personnel changes

I would like to thank Officers Keith Happle, Anthony Oerlemans, William Bardsley, Robert Ramirez, Gregory Foote, David Dito, Robert Clendenen, Matthew Eng, and Nicholas Hooleyfor their work at Central Station and the service they have provided to the community.

We welcome to Central Station Officers Robert Kerrigan, Glennis, Unser, Solar Naderi,Jason Robards, Eleonado Zandanel, Geoffrey Bowker, Alvin Chan and Jared Monroe to Central Station.

Meeting Schedule Change

I would like to apologize for the last minute community meeting change on Thursday, May 19, 2016. Our message to the community was abrupt. The Russian Hill Neighbors called a community meeting that previous Monday and because of a scheduling conflict, I canceled Thursday’s meeting in lieu of Monday’s Russian Hill meeting. I am planning another meeting to discuss crime in Russian Hill. If you are interested, please send me an email. I thank you for your partnership and our work together.

Reporting Crime

Please continue to phone the police and report crime. We need your assistance. Lately, the station has received calls for service where the community is asking for police assistance and are saying that I said to call the station. Please call 911 in an emergency or 415-553-0123in a non-emergency. A call to the station is only if you would like to speak with an officer because you have a question. Calling the station will delay your response for an officer.

Russian Hill Neighbor’s Event

There will be a Russian Hill Neighbors event for children on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. This is a meet and greet fun event. I will be attending along with officers from Central Station. I hope to see your there.

Have a great weekend!

Captain David Lazar
Central Station

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