Central Police Station’s Captain’s Message – 3/31/2016

Central Police Station Captain’s Message – Captain David Lazar

Congratulations to Inspector Stephen Paulsen

Yesterday we celebrated the retirement of Inspector Paulsen for his service to the Department for over 32 years. Inspector Paulsen, for the last 7 years of his career, has been assigned to Central Station’s Investigations Team. He has been personally responsible for the capture of hundreds of auto burglars and has solved cases in our district from robberies to burglaries and assaults. He has served as a role model to our younger officers for an officer to have that much time in the Department and still be one of the most productive crime fighting officers at Central Station. Inspector Paulsen was selected Investigator of the year at Central Station in 2014. We wish him well in his retirement.

Partnership with the Community

A true partnership is when officers and members of the community are working together to come up with strategies to address crime and disorder and then put that plan in place in order to accomplish our common goal.

I make it a point to be accessible to everyone and I enjoy meeting with the community and listening to the concerns of the residents and merchants. Please feel free to reach out to me via email or invite me to a meeting in the community. You are also welcome to attend my monthly community meeting which is held on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The location varies as I believe it is important to host the monthly meeting in the various neighborhoods. I had a good turnout for the last two meetings. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at Hotel Rex, 562 Sutter Street. In addition to a guest speaker, I will bring out the local beat officers or sector car officers for you to meet.

Cameron House Community Event

On Saturday May 7, 2016 at around 2:00 p.m., I look forward to participate in their dunk tank as part of their event. I will have more details in the coming weeks and I look forward everyone coming out and to try their best in getting me to fall in the water!

Police Commission

The San Francisco Police Commission will have their meeting in the Central Police District on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Gordon J. Lau elementary school located at 940 Clay Street. I will provide an overview of the Central District. I invite everyone to this important meeting.

Distracted Driving Month

April is distracted driving month. We will continue our work to enforce laws around distracted driving. Please be careful to not be distracted while driving. See the enclosed press release in this week’s newsletter. Speaking of traffic safety, Central Station Officers last Saturday issued 7 citations at Broadway and Powell Streets for vehicles failing to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Great Police Work

I would like to conclude this week’s newsletter by highlighting some recent outstanding police work:

On March 8, 2016 at approximately 2:28 a.m., Officers Srinivas, Battle, Johnson, Zamora and Williams captured two burglars on the unit block of Green Street. The suspects were captured and were in possession of wire cutters, a crow bar, a grinder and other tools. A great arrest!

On March 19, 2016 at approximately 7:25 p.m., a juvenile was robbed on the 800 block of Jackson. After an extensive investigation lead by Sergeant Do, the Juvenile suspects were taken into custody a few days later.

On March 22, 2016 at approximately 1:30 p.m., Officer Kimberly Ng arrested a robbery suspect on the 1200 block of Stockton Street. The suspect had taken the victim’s wallet and money.

Last, Officer Tiumalu, was made aware that an I phone was stolen. The victim was able to indicate via his phone that it was stolen and how it could be returned. The suspect communicated with the victim and said that for $200, the victim could get his phone back. The suspect attempted to be creative by telling the victim to go to a particular ice cream store, buy an ice cream sandwich and place the $200 underneath the sandwich. What the suspect did not realize is that the victim would be accompanied by Officers Tiumalu, Clendenen and Kresley. The officers and the victim appeared at the store and placed the suspect under arrest. Great police work!


I will be on vacation beginning this evening, returning next Thursday April 7, 2016. In my absence, Lieutenant Molly Pengel will serve as the Acting Captain. She may be reached on my phone line at 415-315-2480 or at molly.pengel@sfgov.org.

Have a great weekend!

Captain David Lazar
Central Station

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