Board & Committees

Top of Broadway Community Benefit District Board of Directors

The CBD’s board is made up of volunteers, many of whom own property in the district and/or are business owners in the district. Others live in the Broadway/Northbeach neighborhood and have a history of commitment to making it a better place to live, visit, and work. None of the board members are compensated.

1. Oliver Mar, Board President – Property Owner, 504-530 Broadway

2. Joe Carouba, Vice President – Property Owner, BSC Management

3. Calvin Louie, Treasurer – Property Owner, 440 Broadway

4. Carmen Crotti, Secretary – Property Owner 1042 Kearny Street (Tommaso’s Restaurant owner)

5.Gordon Leung, Board Member – Property Owner Representative, Chinatown Community Development Center (540 Broadway)

6. Jerry Cimino, Board Member – Business Owner, The Beat Museum

7. Matias Drago, Board Member – Property Owner Representative, 222 Columbus

8. Ryan Maxey, Board Member – Business Owner, Naked Lunch

9. Sam Shirakhon, Board Member – Business Owner, Noc Noc on Broadway

10. Payam Arvin, Board Member – Business Owner, Monroe

Committees & Committee Chairs

District Identity & Streetscape Improvement (DISI)

Committee Chair – Jerry Cimino

The District Identity & Streetscape Improvement Committee is responsible for activities associated with area marketing and identity management, and will make related strategy and option recommendations for consideration by the Board of Directors. The Committee will propose and manage advocacy of area businesses and activities/events, and will promote area identity and manage branding efforts.   The Committee meets monthly (at the option of the Committee Chair).

Sidewalk Operations, Beautification and Order Committee Meeting (SOBO)

Committee Chair – Payam Arvin

The Sidewalk Operations, Beautification and Order Committee is responsible for Services & Safety programs, including the coordination of services, activities and improvements related to sidewalk operations, beautification and safety. The Committee will evaluate programs and initiatives, and advise the Board on issues that impact safety, and quality of life and experience of area residents, businesses and visitors. The Committee meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesdayof the month and is often joined by the SFPD Central Station Captain. 

Finance Committee

Committee Chair – Calvin Louie

The Finance Advisory Committee is responsible for monitoring the financial and operating condition of the Organization as well as managing banking and insurance related matters. The Committee reviews all financial reports and oversees the CPA Review. The Committee provides counsel and administrative advice to the Executive Director and Board of Directors as needed.   The Committee meets quarterly or as needed. 

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