The Top of Broadway Community Benefit District is managed by a 11-member Board of Directors, which employs an Executive Director as administrator of CBD operations.

Some history on the Top of Broadway CBD management and operations:

The Top of Broadway Community Benefit District was initially managed by an all-volunteer Steering Committee with the assistance of Consultant Ben Horne. The Committee was responsible for ensuring initial CBD implementation milestones were met, including coordination with the CBD Consultant, legal counsel, and City Hall, as well as the appointment of an Interim Board of Directors.

Appointed by the Steering Committee, the Interim Board of Directors was responsible for successfully incorporating the Community Benefit District, including the writing of bylaws, fulfillment of legal and financial requirements, and formation of a permanent Board of Directors.   The Steering Committee held a community meeting on September 4, 2013 to discuss the processes of CBD implementation and Interim Board selection. There was significant community outreach to local stakeholders and all interested parties were encouraged to attend.

Once a permanent Board of Directors was formed, it assumed responsibility for finalizing the incorporation work completed by the Interim Board, and hired an Executive Director to administer the CBD’s operations. The Board has ultimate responsibility for the ongoing management of the CBD, including the budget and CBD-related services. The Top of Broadway Community Benefit District was fully incorporated, and elected a Board of Directors, in 2013.

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