Top of Brodway Community Benefit District

Top of Brodway Community Benefit District

History of Area & Organization

The Top of Broadway business community represents one of the oldest and continuous commercial cultural and entertainment corridors on the West Coast. This district has a very rich history of music and adult entertainment, with venues that have been frequented by millions over the past 130 years. Formerly known as the Barbary Coast, this area is distinct as a special sub-district of the North Beach Community of San Francisco. Although the area has a rich history, in recent years the area has had safety and cleanliness issues and has suffered at times from disrepair.

The Top of Broadway Community Benefit District (CBD) was formed to address some of these issues as a community. Numerous community representatives and leaders came together to form a Steering Committee which is now in the process of forming a Board of Directors and incorporating prior to launching services. A Community Benefit District (CBD) provides essential services such as safety, cleaning and maintenance, marketing and streetscape improvements to supplement and complement those provided by the City of San Francisco. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved the formation of the Top of Broadway CBD on July 23, 2013 after a majority of property owners voted in favor of formation.

tob_cbd_round_2_43District Location

The Top of Broadway CBD consists of properties on Broadway Street between Columbus and Montgomery Streets, and Kearny Street between Columbus and Broadway in addition to some adjacent properties. A detailed district map is provided in the District’s Management Plan. The area continues to be home to nightclubs and adult entertainment, but also has many restaurants, cultural institutions and residents.

Management Plan, Budget & Main Services

The Top of Broadway CBD is governed by a management plan. The management plan outlines the purpose of the CBD and how budget is determined, how assessed funds are spent and what services are delivered. The Top of Broadway CBD has a first year (13-14FY) assessment budget of $106,567. The budget is broken down into 3 main areas – Marketing/Streetscapes (42%), Sidewalk Operations Cleaning/ Maintenance (28%), and Administration (30%). This budget will be supplemented by fundraising activities, donations, providing services to properties outside district and other methods.

Non-Profit Formation & Purpose

The purpose of the CBD will be to promote economic vitality, improve livability, and advocate area identity, with a commitment to making the area a safe, beautiful, and enjoyable place to live, work and visit. A non-profit owners association is currently being formed to manage the district. The Board of Directors of the organization will be made up of 50% plus one seat for property owners and at least 20% of board seats will be for business owners that are not property owners. The organization will strive to have board seats that represent restaurants, retail businesses, night clubs or bars, adult entertainment and community at large members. The operational objectives of the non-profit organization will be:

  • Create and manage programs that best respond to the top priorities of Top of Broadway CBD stakeholders
  • Maximize coordination with the City and County of San Francisco to avoid duplication of services activities and improvements and to leverage resources (provide a single voice for community).
  • Deliver services, activities, and improvements through a cost-effective, non-bureaucratic and easy to access organizational structure.
  • Provide accountability and responsiveness to those who pay assessments into the district.

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